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Why We Offer FREE Email

Free email accounts allow people to receive email newsletter subscriptions, sign up for online services, decreet email addresses, among other reasons. This helps to reduce traffic through your primary email inbox and helps to contain the spam menace. A Free email account gives you a trump card when a newsletter breaks the rules of opt-in marketing. Web based email allows you to retrieve your email from any computer, at any location in the world. With, there are NO ADS you have to deal with when logged in to your account. The truth is: we need to generate enough traffic to visit our sponsors.

The Advantages of FREE Email

  • Your email address is PERMANENT and will not change if you change providers.
  • These FREE accounts are web-based so you can access them anywhere you can get access to a PC with an Internet connection and a browser. If you travel try a library or a computer store. Most will let you online long enough to check your mail.
  • For security reasons, you may not want people to know where you work or live.
  • You may not want your boss to see correspondence about your job search.
  • You can keep certain email OFF you computer. It is stored, and read, at the web site.
  • If you have roommates, with one Internet connection, you can each have your own private email account.
  • Sometimes Internet providers profiles' tell too much information about you.
  • While you can not be totally anonymous these accounts do shield your identity to some extent.
  • You can have an interesting email address like
  • You can get different account for different reasons: businesses, activities, posting to newsgroups etc.
  • Use an account as safe keeping for important documents. Email them to yourself and you won't have to worry about a hard drive crash.
  • Send email to clients during training with the same machine but different accounts.
  • Can't remember passwords for some services - email them to yourself.
  • Formating your hard drive and don't want to loose bookmarks/favourites, just send them to yourself.
  • Use a different machine in a different location and want your favourite links (same as above). Actually it would be better to get a free home page, Click here for details.

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